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Vision tests check many different functions of the eye. The tests measure your ability to see details at near and far distances, check for gaps or defects in your field of vision, and evaluate your ability to see different colors.

Why is Eye Health important in the workplace?

Employers have a duty of care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1991, Section 16 (1) to 'take all reasonably practicable steps to provide a working environment that is healthy, safe and without risks to the health of employees, contractors or other persons in or near the workplace.

What are the risks of employees not looking after their eyes?

There are about 50 000 eye injuries per year in Australia, costing around $60 million.

Eight per cent of workplace injuries are eye injuries and each year about seven in 1 000 workers sustain an eye injury (Cole 2003).

An estimated 60% of all eye injuries in Australia occur in the workplace, in the construction, mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing industries (Optometrists Association Australia 2010).

In addition, regular use of computers can induce repetitive strain issues for eyes - known as Computer Vision Syndrome. It is estimated that having your eyes examined and wearing the appropriate vision correction can reduce errors and increase productivity by up to 25% for workers whose work tasks require moderate visual processing.

Who is responsible?

Employers are generally responsible for any costs associated with providing personal protective eyewear for employees undertaking work with an elevated risk of an eye injury (such as safety glasses and sun/UV protection). Employees are responsible for general optical glasses required for computer or desk work, but employers can assist by providing easy access to eye care services and products.

What can my company do?

In Australia and New Zealand, many enterprises are now introducing world class OH&S policies as an integral part of their responsibilities to ensure a safe workplace.

These policies often recognise stringent legislated safety guidelines concerning eyestrain and related symptoms - which include tiredness, headaches and dry or gritty eye sensations.

These symptoms are distracting, disrupt operations and lead to reduced working performance or even time away from work. In the case of safety eyewear, it is imperative that employees who work in eye injury risk environments are provided with appropriate protection. 

OPSM can assist by providing a simple, cost-effective and efficient way for your employees to access general optical, sun and prescription safety eyewear. We have experience with over 2000 current service agreements with small/medium enterprises through to large multi-nationals in all areas of the workplace.


Thamage Occupational Health Services is a mobile occupational health services unit which performs occupational health and safety services in and around the Gauteng, Pretoria region. The occupational health assessments are performed by Solly Thamage, who is an occupational health physician in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Occupational health checks / screening tests are done for private and government-sector organisations, helping them with health issues and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The services are usually conducted on-site in a scheduled manner that ensures minimal disruption to production.